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Are the following statements True or False?TorF

  • New hire employees have 5 days to complete their I-9 form.
  • A company is required to pay full-time employees vacation and sick time.
  • An employer can check an applicant’s credit history.
  • An employment application can ask if the individual has ever been arrested.
  • Worker’s Comp records must be kept for one year.
  • FMLA leave has nothing to do with accrued time off.
  • It is not considered harassment if it occurs offsite at a holiday party.
How many did you get right? If you have to guess or don’t know the answers, being unaware or misinformed can cost your company profit with legal costs and/or reputation. For more information on how to be clear on these and other topics, you might want to take advantage of our TopiCall program or other services.
VRC is ready to provide you with the expertise and guidance to maximize profitability and minimize hassle.


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