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Some one said to me, “Take the Human out of Human Resources!”


Some one said to me, “Take the Human out of Human Resources!?!” For those of you who are in business, you know how important it is to market your business, brand yourself and continue educating yourself on all areas of business. In a networking group that I am a member, one particular meeting some of the members, called the board, had a follow up meeting about an applicant who applied to join our networking group. Some facts on the situation… In our networking group, there are requirements to be accepted. They are pretty straightforward.

  • Non-compete, meaning, only one person per category, i.e. the group does not allow two HR representatives or two
    No Humans Allowed!!

    No Humans Allowed!!

    Insurance brokers.

  • Must be prompt – at least 15 minutes early to every meeting, so we start and end the meeting on time.
  • Must be a decision maker in your company.
  • Must be in business a minimum of two years.
  • Attendance required.
  • Only 1 absence per quarter.

You get the idea. A selected few were chosen via an application process to be considered on the “Board”. At the end of one of our meetings, the board was discussing a recent “applicant” and we were all expected to give our feedback on this individual. Such as, is this person meeting the requirements, and is this person a good fit for the good. During this discussion, I expressed a couple of concerns that I had about this individual based on not meeting one of the requirements. One big concern was this person admitted they would not be able to make the required amount of meetings expected each quarter. I asked the Board, is that fair to the group and what if we had that with all of the members? Another Board member responded to me, “passionately,” This person would have to miss 3-4 meetings per quarter. So what, big deal, we need someone like this in our group.” He continued, “Take the Human out of Human Resources!” Huh!?! Are you scratching your head too? I tilted my head and scrunched my eyebrows and finally after a moment, I asked, “How do you suppose I do that?” He looked at me and said nothing. He just shook his head. As if to say, I have no idea what I just said. I still think about his comment and I chuckle. I continue to ask myself… “What exactly does that mean? Is that even possible?” That’s like saying, take the water out of the pool and lets go for a swim. How do you take the Human out of Human Resources?