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Taboo Topix On-site HR training and development services

At Valuable Resources, Co. we work with you as an on-site strategic partner providing comprehensive HR training programs to meet compliance guidelines and create a healthy, productive work environment for all employees. Our consultants  have more than 20 years of HR experience.

Whether you need a focused and successful training session on preventing workplace harassment, or an on-site strategic partner to vastly improve your overall HR operation, Valuable Resources, Co. has a range of services aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

The key to making human resources training successful is to have it be continual. If you are simply checking a box with your employee training, you are not likely reaching employees with the valuable information they need to create a great workplace culture.

The experienced HR trainers at Valuable Resources, Co. understand how to develop and lead meaningful training modules on important topics such as

  • Job performance
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Developing a corporate culture
  • Avoiding discrimination in the workplace

Don’t think that training is just for front-line employees. We also lead productive management retreats to make sure all levels of managers including the C-suite are well-versed in HR responsibilities.

Taboo Topix

Cost to your company

  • The average cost to defend a harassment lawsuit $250,000
  • The average cost to investigate a claim without an attorney $75,000
  • The average cost of turnover per one of your employee’s is $25,000 – $60,000
  • The average cost for an additional civil Lawsuit $100,000

Staggering Statistics

  • 2015 $160,000,000 paid in lawsuits
  • 75% of harassment victims experience RETALIATION
  • 49% of charges are retaliation
  • 35% of discrimination charges are racial
  • 85% of employees experiencing harassment do NOT file a formal complaint

taboo topix mitigates your cost by:

  • Providing awareness of harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace
  • Educating how the simplicity of words and/or a combination of behavior can be misconstrued
  • Providing strategies to avert situations from escalating
  • Providing you with solutions to implement when adverse situations happen in your workplace.

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