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VRC is your on-site strategic partner providing HR support and integrating HR strategy with business strategy.


We align your company’s culture with your company’s vision by fostering each of our differences and sharing values, goals and practices.


We provide solutions to objectively handle complex HR situations. We provide guidance to interpret employment compliance and implications when not adhered to.

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“VRC has increased & driven profits while creating larger profit margins. In addition, the owner was able to step away from day-to-day operations. These changes increased sales growth, product development and cost savings.”

Talent Management

We uncover hidden talent and increase profitability. As a result, we develop strategic operations to allow employees to excel in their expertise.

Hiring Procedures

We assist with your hiring process to hire the right people in the right positions to retain talent.

Product Development

Create New product development by restructuring of talent and opening new positions.

Profit Earnings

Improve from break even point to substantial profits (doubled sales revenue).


VRC has brought the HR function to a professional level by advising leadership, training supervisors and managers and implementing policies that are necessary for any company.

Strength in developing benchmarks


Owner’s Succession plan


ISO certification achieved

If you’re not sure how to address…

situations such as Medical Marijuana, Concealed Carry, FMLA, Ban the Box, Background checks, or an employee who just transgendered.

Compliance has changed our culture

We can help you with identifying how to classify appropriate job descriptions and pay grades as well as creating or maintaining your employee handbook. Our team will help update job descriptions to current employment regulations.

Avoid a Lawsuit

VRC-HR has investigative services for inappropriate behavior that could potentially escalate and become a lawsuit. We can create and distribute updated and mandated employment policies such as harassment, discrimination and bullying.


VRC partners with your company’s management and supervisory team to strengthen their skills. We direct the efforts of leadership training, team building, and personal development plans for key individuals in the company. Our expertise and style have helped companies to transition from an entrepreneurial environment to a more structured organization that is poised for continued growth. We can customize programs to align with your company’s needs.

Our Clients’ Experience…

Massive culture change
VRC built a competent management team
Plant safer by implantation of lean and 5S house keeping standards
Operating scrap efficiency
Resulting in more cash flow
Effectiveness in meetings
Foundation was built to achieve $1m capacity
By products improvement
Job descriptions affected culture change
Assessment of company and built strategy for future state