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Do you owe your employees Holiday Pay for any holidays?

We have just come out of a season of holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day, and Holiday PayPresidents Day.  Are you compliant for paying employees for time off or holiday pay?

What if your employees don’t have paid time off eligibility? Or not eligible for any time off at all?   

A few key hints:

First and foremost, confirm that your employees are  classified either exempt (salary) and non-exempt (hourly) some employees may be salaried, non-exempt (salaried, and eligible for overtime pay.)  

Secondly, do you have a holiday and paid-time-off policy? If not, you may want to consider creating one. Below are a some hints in what to Include in your policy: 


  • Set the amount of hours an employee is required to work prior to requesting time off.
  • Set the parameters that an employee has to follow in order to request time off in advance.
  • Determine if your policy requires employees to work the day before and after the holiday to receive compensation.


  • Determine and communicate to employees what may happen if an employee does not adhere to the policy.
  • Be sure to be fair to all employees who did not adhere to the policy.

Some other hints that are not written in the policy, but rather how you prepare yourself for delivering your message about requesting and receiving time off.    

  • Know the policy yourself!
  • Communicate proactively the policy, expectations, and the  consequences to your employees.
  • Be prepared…  Many employees who don’t request time off in the appropriate time frame or may have been denied time off, my call in sick to have the day off.