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Did you really just write that?

You think you have read it all, but this one…. makes you go, hmmmm!

We always like to share kooky things that people say and this one is quite kooky! The  recruiting process we use with our clients include an initial attempt to speak with the candidate via email. We respond to their resume inquiry and send a reminder of the position about which they are inquiring. Further, we ask when a good time would be to speak with them and give some specific dates and times. This allows the candidate an opportunity to review the website and prepare questions for us. We typically get a response that includes, a thank you and their availability. However, below in green is the response from a candidate with whom we wanted to talk…..5 Simple P's

“You want to eliminate me with a screen?

When you are serious about hiring a millionaire CPA, contact me directly.

Part time accounting is part time accounting.”

Really? If I responded back, I guess my response would be….Thank you for confirming that our process works! Next!

5 Simple P’s when an employer shows interest:

  1. Be polite
  2. Be prepared
  3. Be prompt
  4. Be positive but not fake
  5. Be personable

Otherwise, if you write something like this candidate did, be prepared to be Passed-over!