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Eat, Drink, and be Wary…. The Office Party…. What Could it Mean for The Business Owner?

  • What does it mean if you’re in HR?drink
  • Are you participating?
  • Are you monitoring?
  • Should you still be there?
  • What could it mean for the business owner?

Employees deserve a little celebrating, they work hard all year and as employers, you want to reward them.  Great food, drinks, and much laughter. It might be a picnic or a end of the year party, no matter, you need to be wary.

But, HR professionals often find themselves on that next morning following a Party, visiting with employees discussing inappropriate behavior, or worse termination.

HR professionals always seem to be the bearer of bad news. But really, we just want you to be aware. Being safe is always a guarantee of a fun and out of trouble with the law…. time!

Approximately 40 percent of all traffic fatalities are related to alcohol. Traditionally, only the person who was driving drunk could be liable for injuries caused to another person. However, new laws make employers liable…. One called his lawyer, one sued the host…. his employer. Please visit the link to read full article.