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Have you figured out what you have in common with a mega-company like Apple?

Apple Ruined Branding as we Know it, as referenced in this article on Entrepreneur.com. (paid subscription.)


Apple’s brand has evolved over time. Has yours?

Then I asked my question again… How does my company relate to Apple? As I read the article, I allowed my entrepreneur mind to do what it does best, think freely. I started to see some similarities. I went back to the basics, and I saw the most important things about Apple, for example:

  • a company with a vision,
  • a company that has purpose,
  • the reasons “why” Apple exists,
  • paying attention to the details,
  • allowing customers the experience and then talk about it to others,
  • circle back and improve, and
  • most importantly, how Apple connects and stays connected with their customers.

Those are the things Valuable Resources, Co. has in common with Apple. So I made a small list of the things my company has in common with Apple and simply put:

  • We have passion for finding solutions.
  • We strategize to provide appropriate solutions for each unique HR situation.
  • We customize all our work to align with each client’s mission and vision.
  • We keep our clients compliant.
  • We earn their trust by keeping our word and our work performance, we “circle back and improve” we learn from our mistakes and continue with our triumphs, And as Apple says…. And we repeat.
  • And that is how VRC relates to Apple.

In my first initial reaction to my own question, my focus was on the wrong things. Go back to what is important and remember why you started your company in the first place. You don’t have to be Apple or Microsoft, you have to be YOU.