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Change! What’s your new normal? 

Did your body just tense up? Did you want to stop reading at the letter “C”? Does the sight of the word “change” stress you? What if I put change into a different perspective? After all, isn’t that what change really means…. “Different” from what you are comfortable?


What if I put it like this: CHANGE

 Challenging Habits Achieve New Gratifying Endeavors

Challenging = A situation or circumstance that causes us difficulty and stress. Challenge can be a time of something unknown to us that creates stress.

Habits = Are our comfort zone of how and why to support our actions

Achieve = Accomplishments

New = Innovate

Gratifying = Enjoying

Endeavors = New Beginnings


Some find challenges fun and motivate them to get things done. Others find Challenging as the fear of the unknown, fear of the outcome, fear of failure, fear of the “what if” fear of being uncomfortable.


ChangeWell, what if I said that not all change is bad? You’ve heard the saying “the one thing that you can count on being consistent, is change!” Or… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the meaning of insanity. But, what most people forget about change is it doesn’t have to mean good bad, or in between, rather it’s what you make of it! It’s all about attitude. It’s how you accept, or not accept change and how well you adapt to the new normal.

It’s the reasons behind the things we change, it’s the “why” we chose to change it and how well we adapt to our choice. It’s about the consequences we face if we don’t change something. Then it’s facing the fear we carry about changing our habits to something out of our comfort zone.

It’s the circumstance that leaves us out of control that makes us change. For example, a lay off at work that leaves you without your job, or having your top employee resign and go to work for your competitor. Providing different options for training, increasing your benefits packages.


The Stages of Change

•Change i.e. the circumstance itself




•The New Normal

Phase 1: Shock

The “uh, Oh!” shock stage. Which causes us an emotion reaction whether it is excited, fearful, and/or curious etc. These emotions can cause stress.

Phase 2: Grieving

Missing the past, but perhaps looking forward to the future. Like getting a new car. We become attached; the car is part of your personality, a reflection of you. But for whatever reason(s) you chose to exchange it for a different car. But its exciting to get something new!

Phase 3: Acceptance

We approve of our own choice(s). We take on the challenge of adjustment.

Phase 4: The New Normal

Lastly, we get comfortable again until the next time we “change”. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, it just means we make adaptation part of our daily routine.

Are you a business owner who has or is experiencing a cash flow shortage and looking for ways to cut expenses? Are you fearful of the economy changing and perhaps thinking your best employee(s) may start to look for a change and perhaps leave? What do you need to “change” to keep them? Is your business? And because of that growth are you experiencing employee concerns because what “used to be”, has now changed?

Maybe it’s time for a change? Visit or call us for a consultation. Find out how we can make “change” part of the “new normal”.



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