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Make a concentrated effort to enjoy the season.
Jogging in Florence Nightingale park 3

Jogging in snow (Photo credit: TijsB)

Some fun tips from VRC:
  • Get your vitamin D by getting outside at least once a day
  • Take a walk and enjoy the change in nature and the “circle of life”
  • Eat special seasonal treats, like pumpkin donuts or apple cider
  • Get into the spirit of the season – decorate for whatever holiday is approaching – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentines Day
  • Smile and laugh often. If someone doesn’t have a smile to give, let them have yours!
Here is a great article about the blues from msnbc by Jeffrey Rossman, PhD: Lighten Up! How to beat back the winter blues.
This recipe is highly recommended (I prefer to omit the nutmeg)