Human Resources Consultancy

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Why? To drive Business Growth and Success! We foster enduring partnerships, transcending mere transactions, to mitigate risks and nurture a supportive environment that aligns with business objectives and employee well-being.

When? The time NOW! If you’re seeking committed partners to facilitate transformative deals and post-deal activities, let’s collaborate! Together, we can devise strategies to realize your objective

Who? We are a small but mighty team. As part of the C-Suite and the Mergers and Acquisitions team, our mission is to identify potential pitfalls that may arise during transactions due to oversight of human factors.

What? We specialize in Consulting, Due Diligence, and Post-Sale Cultural Integration. Our scope extends beyond the deal itself, encompassing efficient people management to maximize organizational efficiency. 

How? Through Patience, Observation, Adaptation, and Open-mindedness. Leveraging emerging technologies, regulatory shifts, and market trends, we help avoid talent drain. 


Laurie Huspen

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

“I am dedicated to empowering  humans and  organizations to thrive in new, challenging and changing environments.”

With a proven track record in effectively assessing and addressing complex cultural factors, Laurie provides invaluable insights and strategies that enable businesses to unlock their true potential and achieve organizational performance resulting in financial stability.

Meet Laurie Huspen

Founder of Valuable Resources, Co. est. 2003 offers unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricate human aspects of M&A transactions. Recognized for driving successful organizational performance through effective people management. Proven track record includes navigating complex employment situations, conducting thorough due diligence, and leading post-merger integrations. Laurie’s proficiency in the field has been further enriched by her experience as an adjunct instructor for MBA classes, showcasing her ongoing dedication to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

Proven track record of working in portfolio companies of private equity, conducting due diligence, and leading post-merger integration efforts. Successfully led organizations through complex change and integration processes. Experienced in fostering engaging cultures that promote employee alignment and productivity by navigating intricate cultural dynamics.

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