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Illinois Law Requires Annual Sexual Harassment prevention Training 

Workplace Harassment Prevention Training
Delivered Through Theatre

We Mitigate Employment Practices Liability
Valuable Resources offers on-site HR Consulting. We become your strategic partner to assist with integrating HR strategy with business strategy.
Valuable Resources HR consulting provides techniques and best practices to align your company’s culture with your company’s vision.
Valuable Resources offers sexual harassment prevention training and other HR workplace training to educate on complex HR situations.

Welcome to Valuable Resources, Co. (VRC)

Who We are

The professionals at Valuable Resources, Co., are led by Laurie Huspen. Laurie has spent more than two decades in the HR industry as a manager and consultant. She is an accomplished author, speaker, educator and authority on human resources, corporate culture and HR training. Her live theatre training team Taboo Topix offers a unique training experience for employees and her ability to integrate into a business of any size has provided proven results.

What we do

At Valuable Resources, Co. our training division, Taboo Topix, creates content for, and delivers training on the prevention of discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace through, live theater performance. Taboo Topix was specifically created for an effective way to educate and retain the information on workplace harassment prevention.

 Our human resources consulting division works with you as an on-site strategic partner providing HR support and integrating HR strategy with business strategy. Our consultants have more than 20 years of HR experience.

Why we do it

Laurie Huspen, CEO and Founder of Valuable Resources, Co. launched the company after experiencing first-hand adversity in the workplace. Since then, she has devoted her career to working with companies to better foster humility, acceptance and respect in the workplace.

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Unveiled: An Unexpected Life

Laurie Falduto-Huspen chronicles the many challenges, obstacles and triumphs living with Cystic Fibrosis that she and her family experiences in Unveiled.

Manufacturer in Bloomingdale

“Building Operational Infrastructure Valuable Resources, Co. works directly with business owners, officers, and managers, implementing strategies that organize your operations, and maximize the potential of your workforce.”

Allen Boyle

“VRC worked with Allen Boyle in a collaborative group-training program, as well as individual development environments. In each case, Laurie provided valuable training with a fun, interactive and productive approach. Laurie is clearly an expert in all legal aspects of HR, but also helps by providing insights into personnel behavior improvement and policy awareness. “