There is nothing TYPICAL about a TopiCall!

  • Are you a small business owner starting to have employee issues that take you away from your business?
  • Have HR questions and nowhere to go?
  • Don’t have the time to attend a seminar, or the budget to hire full-time HR?
After researching HR trends, and talking to others in your situation, who are facing HR concerns, questions, and comments, VRC created the TopiCall.

“HR by the hour!”

Questions you should ask before signing up for our TopiCall programs…

  1. Do I know enough about HR?
  2. How do I grow my business without spending time on HR issues?
  3. What are the consequences of operating by trial and error?
  4. Can I afford Not to do this?
  5. What if the time and date are not convenient? What happens if I have to reschedule?

Some of the topics covered in TopiCalls include:

  • Terminations – we can answer questions to help you through the termination process to ensure you handle it according to proper compliance
  • Essential Employment Forms like an I-9, W-2, W-9
  • Exempt vs. Non-exempt employment classifications
  • Personnel Do’s & Don’ts
  • Paycheck No-No’s
True or False?
Test your HR knowledge!

  1. A company is legally required to pay full-time employees vacation and sick time.
  2. New hire employees have 5 days to complete their I-9 form.
  3. It is not considered harassment if you are at the holiday party because employees are not at the office.
  4. An employer can check an applicant’s credit history.
If you aren’t sure…. Sign up for the next TopiCall, you cannot afford not to.

*on-site consulting within a 30 mile radius of VRC office in Elgin, IL. Mileage over 30 miles may be subject to an additional fee.

TopiCall Terms

  • Will be scheduled by VRC and posted 1 month prior to the date of the next TopiCall.
  • All TopiCalls are 1 hour long, including a ½ hour of lecture on the specific topic and ½ hour of questions and answers.
  • All Callers are encouraged to send an agenda or questions 3 days prior to the TopiCall.
  • All Callers understand that some topics may require additional time, which may result in not having some questions answered. In this situation,Have a minimum of 1 caller per TopiCall and maximum of 6 callers.
  • VRC reserves the right to extend the call up to 15 minutes, given all Callers have time, at no additional cost to each caller. However, calls over 15 minutes may result in additional fees per caller.
  • VRC reserves the right to record all calls for the convenience of other callers who may not be able to join on the TopiCall. All callers scheduled to be on the TopiCall, will be made aware of recording prior to being recorded. In this situation, it is at the discretion of the caller to announce their company name.
  • The Caller is expected to give VRC a 24 hours cancellation notice. If the Caller does not give 24 hours notice, the Caller will forfeit the TopiCall and payment.
  • In the instance, VRC has to cancel a TopiCall, VRC will reimburse all callers a full refund for the specific TopiCall being cancelled.
  • VRC appreciates your business and referrals; therefore, we have implemented a referral program for registered Callers. If a registered Caller refers the TopiCall to 1 caller and the referred caller registers for 1 TopiCall, VRC will deduct 10% off of the registered Caller’s program.
  • The Caller understands that VRC only practices Human Resources in the state of Illinois and specializes in Illinois and federal regulations and compliance.
  • The Caller understands that Valuable Resources, Co. is not a legal firm and the information provided or discussed with each Caller should not be used for legal advice or activity. Please seek your legal counsel for further legal activity. All TopiCall programs are to be prepaid, if in the instance, your payment is declined, there will be a $35.00 charge. If Valuable Resources, Co. is compelled to hire a collection agency and/or an attorney for nonpayment from the Caller, the Caller will be held responsible to pay VRC and/or appropriate party for all charges incurred.