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  • Scott Coney Catty Corporation

    Laurie has been working closely with Catty Corporation for the last 3 years. As our company continues to grow, Laurie has partnered with our management and supervisory team to strengthen their skills. Laurie has directed the efforts of Leadership Training, Team Building, and Personal Development Plans for key individuals in the company. Her knowledge and style have helped us to transition from an entrepreneurial environment to a more structured organization that is poised for continued growth. Laurie is flexible and a good listener. She tailors a program that fits our needs. Laurie has the highest integrity in everything that she does and she has gained the respect of our team. I would highly recommend Laurie and Valuable Resources to organizations that are looking for a talented Human Resources professional to partner with.

  • Michele Wilkins, Ed.D Child’s Voice School

    I have worked with Laurie for several years now. She has assisted me in all aspects of HR. We have completed 360 degree reviews and updated employee handbooks, established protocol for filing grievances and created new job descriptions. to name a few. Laurie’s work is always exceptional, detailed, and on time. I know I will hire Laurie for future work as well.

  • Dr. Michael Chahino Network Operations & Information Security

    Laurie’s competence in HR operations was a big asset to our organization. She always managed to resolve issues in a timely manner adding to the efficiency and the great customer service that our department provided.

  • Michael Boskovic Lingraph Services Co. Security

    Working with Laurie has been crucial for me and my company, as we’ve worked together over the past few quarters, setting corporate goals together, and implementing operating procedures to achieve them.

    I’ve felt comfortable letting Laurie into our typically closed areas of strategy and operations, and as a result of her feedback and guidance, I’ve never felt as professionally focused as I do right now.

  • Taboo Topix April 22, 2013

    Scott Coney – I attended one of the initial rehearsals for Taboo Topics – A live performance of compliance training. I found it to be both engaging and entertaining as the actors performed skits that pertained to harassment, discrimination, and other tough topics in the workplace. What a great venue to learn more about preventative solutions to these issues. The discussions between skits are insightful and engaging and very relevant to allegations made in the workplace today.

  • Taboo Topix March 31, 2013

    Paladin “Pj” Jordan, CPP, PCI, Criminal Defense Investigator (ProBono) at Lawndale Christian Legal Center Greater Chicago Area. This program identifies behaviors, actions, and reactions that may have occurred preceding a harassment/discrimination allegation. Ms. Huspen’s warm and friendly personality & subject matter expertise produce a great learning experience. She earns credit for addressing taboo topic allegations which are subtle, or lay within “grey” areas; and are not “over the top” obvious. I recommend this presentation to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of how to address workplace taboo topics!

  • Taboo Topix

    Michael Sobel, Member of the Board of Directors at Bartlett Chamber of Commerce Greater Chicago Area. My past in corporate America forced me to endure this type of training many times. Taboo Topics makes this experience enjoyable and educational. The skits are funny and entertaining, and the messages come across loud and clear. The discussion afterwards helps everyone get a good understanding of each topic if they are unclear. The live performance beats any online or lecture training I’ve had on this subject! Its much more engaging and I’m much more likely to remember the training.