Losing good employees? We offer retention programs to help employees focus on work/life balance.

  • Employee Engagement – creating a culture of success by developing employee programs for profit. We have unique techniques to keep employees’ attention, rather than reading from a PowerPoint presentation slide.
  • Leadership Training – Are you a Leader or a Manager? Companies must have both. Therefore, VRC diligently works with our clients’ to identify their employees’ talent and strategize tasks and responsibilities to coincide with their expertise that allows them to succeed. We encourage employees to strive beyond their potential.
  • Team Building – We get our clients’ employees’ involved in fun team building exercises to create trust among colleagues. As a result, we have experienced creative, innovative, and unique ideas that employees have come up with to help within each department with efficiency, which increased revenue. Many ideas challenged each other, during the exercise, along with much laughter while learning.
  • Compensation – VRC researches, analyzes and develops competitive salary plans to retain talent and to assure that employees are fairly compensated for their expertise. Further our compensation plans include the progressive plan for each position within the company.
  • Pay Grade Analysis – While developing salary plans, we may notice your existing structure needs to be revamped. This may include breaking down a position into multiple levels of compensation.
  • Talent Management – We use the “Good to Great” analogy from the book Good to Great published by Jim Collins. We assure that our clients’ have the right people in the right seats on the bus. We analysis job descriptions and assure they match with the employee’s expertise.