Too many procedures or none at all? We provide solutions and implement improvements to enhance processes. Once we have created your new procedures or process, we conduct training for you and your staff so that the implementation process goes smoothly.

Some of the areas in which we concentrate our efforts to improve your company’s process include:

Adviser for Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) – Many of our clients are reviewing their benefits packages and payroll providers, these systems are also referred to as HRIS. These systems create organizational workflow to manage payroll, benefits, performance, compensation and other areas of HR. Therefore, in the area of benefits and payroll, we advise our clients on ways to create competitive and unique benefits to retain talent. We have benefit specialists who we are strategically aligned with who actually review the benefits costs and provide assistance with the benefit plan. In addition, some of our clients who look to change payroll provides look to VRC to advise them on finding the payroll provider that will best fit with their payroll needs. Here too, we are strategically aligned with payroll providers who implement and transfer payroll systems.

Disciplinary Action – Our specialty lies in the area of investigating and conducting difficult situations that may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. But first, we assure that there is a disciplinary policy and procedure and confirm that company is practicing both consistently among all employees. If the company does not have nor is practicing consistently, we create and implement the process.

Hiring – Since recruiting and hiring go hand-in-hand, but are completely two different functions, here too, we work with our clients lead-person to assist in the hiring process, as an end result we assist with adding a new employee to your team. Our deliverables include compliance and education when the lead-person to:

  • Conduct Interviews
  • Reference/Background Checks
  • Write Offer/Rejections letters
  • Complete appropriate hiring paperwork such as:
  • Affirmative Action reporting
  • Benefit enrollment
  • Personnel Files
  • I-9 forms
  • Payroll paperwork
Welcoming – VRC assists your company in creating an unforgettable first impression for an employee’s first day of work. In the past, this process has been called new hire orientation. The current trend is considered “On-boarding”. However you wish to name it, we simply call it the welcoming process.

Performance Reviews – Are a way to communicate constructive feedback to employees. It is also a great way to measure accountability and expectations. We create and implement the performance review process and forms to assure a seamless performance review.

Recruiting – We work with our clients’ lead-person to develop and manage the recruiting process. Included in developing the process is understanding the needs of the position and the qualification required. We do this analysis by research and generate outcomes to provide:
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  • Compensation
  • Target Market
  • Assist with Resume Review
  • Review Compliance for Interview Questions
  • Establish Communication Boundaries
  • Between Candidates and Company
Termination – For example, how many times have you said or heard the word termination and automatically you thought, someone got “fired.” What does termination really mean? To most, termination without even giving the definition has a negative connotation, or simply put… it means to “fire” or be “fired” but never, that the employee resigned.

Termination doesn’t necessarily mean, “firing” employees. There are two different types of termination, involuntary and voluntary. VRC assists with both of these processes. Having to terminate an employee from their position is considered involuntary. We assist with compliance in this area, such as:

  • Assuring we have given the employee every tool they needed in order to succeed. Confirming there is not another position within the company this person could be a better fit.
  • Performance reviews and appropriate disciplinary action
  • Once we have exhausted all our options, we prepare and educate the employee’s supervisor how to conduct an appropriate and effective involuntary termination.
Voluntary termination – is quite different. We assist with assuring that the employee has submitted a resignation letter, any associated paperwork, and finally, an exit interview.

For both types of terminations, we assist and provide guidance on how to properly prepare:

  • Illinois State Continuation Insurance or COBRA
  • Severance