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Process Improvement

Laurie has been working closely with Our Corporation for the last 3 years. As our company continues to grow, Laurie has partnered with our management and supervisory team to strengthen their skills. Laurie has directed the efforts of Leadership Training, Team Building, and Personal Development Plans for key individuals in the company. Her knowledge and style have helped us to transition from an entrepreneurial environment to a more structured organization that is poised for continued growth. Laurie is flexible and a good listener. She tailors a program that fits our needs. Laurie has the highest integrity in everything that she does and she has gained the respect of our team. I would highly recommend Laurie and Valuable Resources to organizations that are looking for a talented Human Resources professional to partner with.

Scott Coney – General Manager | Vice President Operations | Sr. Manufacturing Executive


As a business owner in a highly competitive financial services industry finding and keeping the best employees is key to the success of my organization. Laura has been my key resource for developing policies, procedures, and programs that ensure my employees are utilized effectively, kept current on industry standards, challenged, and excited by what my organization can offer them. I’ve been able to completely and confidently delegate my HR needs to Laura allowing me to focus on growing my business!

Laurie worked with Catty’s Management Team in a collaborative group-training program, as well as individual development environments. In each case, Laurie provided valuable training with a fun, interactive and productive approach. Laurie is clearly an expert in all legal aspects of HR, but also helps by providing insights into personnel behavior improvement and policy awareness.

Retention and Culture

  • Massive culture change
  • We build a competent management team
  • Plant safer by implantation of lean and 5S house keeping standards
  • Operating scrap efficiency
  • Resulting in more cash flow
  • Effectiveness in meetings
  • Foundation was built to achieve $1m capacity
  • By products improvement
  • Job descriptions affected culture change
  • Assessed where company is and where it and built strategy for future state and always involved the employees.

Laurie has brought the HR function to a professional level by advising leadership, training supervisors and managers and implementing policies that are necessary for any company.


  • Strength in developing benchmarks
  • Owner Succession plan
  • Change agent
  • ISO certification achieved

  • Profits
  • Created larger margins
  • New products were developed
  • Sales growth increased
  • Drove profits
  • 100 year history
  • Owner was able to step away from day-to-day
  • Product development
  • Went from break even point to substantial profits (doubled sales revenue)
  • Cost savings
  • New product development (by restructuring of talent and opening new positions)
  • Improvement in margins
Investigation Services

From a client in Glendale Heights:

I am writing this letter to personally and professionally recommend Laurie Huspen, and to briefly explain the type of work she has done for my company, as a vendor and strategic partner.

I hired Ms. Huspen, and her firm Valuable Resources Co., in 2010 to assist me in transforming the internal operations of my family business, as we continued our evolution from a distributor to a manufacturer. These changes to our business model also brought changes to our workforce. My work with Ms. Huspen focused on that workforce, from hiring to termination, compensation to disciplinary action, organizational charts to job descriptions, and from safety standards to production efficiency.

In the course of our work together, into and through 2011, there arose a particularly sensitive and trying matter with a disgruntled employee, who worked in production, and who could not rise to the challenges of the new course we were setting for the company. As a result of his growing resentment, this employee claimed a false injury, hoping to benefit financially from the claim, while also hoping to disrupt work at our company.

Ms. Huspen’s work and guidance through this particular situation was absolutely essential to us. She immediately launched an internal investigation, conducting interviews, accruing facts, and building a correct timeline of events. What she uncovered and made clear was that the injury claim was bogus, could not be substantiated by others, and was motivated by selfish disgruntlement. The investigation also confirmed that the employee had terminated himself by walking off the job, without approval from superiors.

Not only was this investigation important in allowing us to properly sever employment ties with this individual, but Ms. Huspen’s work was also the key evidence in our defense of a bogus civil claim filed against us by the same individual, wrongfully claiming we terminated his employment because of physical disability.

Ms. Huspen is diligent, professional, and has excellent investigative skills, which I experienced firsthand in working with her. I applaud and support her, in terms of furthering her investigative training, and hope she is seriously considered for whatever schooling or employment to which she applies.