Laurie Huspen

Learn about the creator of VRC and Taboo Topix, Laurie Huspen

Laurie Huspen

Valuable Resources Co. is a human resources consulting firm established by Laurie Huspen, after working as a human resources professional specializing in training, development, compensation, recruiting and retention. Laurie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University, in Charleston Illinois with an English major and Pre-law minor. She continued her education at National Louis University in Wheaton Illinois and graduated in 1997 with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Development.

Laurie started her teaching career with College of DuPage in 1997 where she taught business courses with an emphasis in human resources. In each position she held, her responsibilities and accountability grew, which meant she grew as a professional. Since Laurie started her career in human resources in 1995, she has always worked well in start-up companies and/or programs. Anything that could be created, developed, rolled out, implemented etc., she had to be a part of it. That’s one main reason she started her own consulting firm.

A Little Background

The idea of human resources consulting became a dream. The dream became a reality shortly after a trip to her dentist’s office in 2002. Laurie is just like those of you who don’t enjoy being in the dentist’s chair, however, that day her dentist visit was life changing.

Dr. Bennardo and Laurie were discussing an employment issue and she offered him suggestions. They then discussed some solutions that may benefit him and his practice. When she returned home from the appointment with Dr. Bennardo, Laurie seriously thought about consulting. If consulting meant “start up” for her to create, she had to do it! She was so serious that she spent the next few weeks developing a marketing and business plan and realistically envisioned herself as a sole proprietor/ independent human resources consultant by 2006. However, the plans for consulting were rapidly restructured when the company Laurie worked for terminated her employment the day she returned to work from taking an approved leave of absence/Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in 2003.

Always passionate about human resources, the more she became educated about the field, the stronger her obligation grew as a professional to further educate others on the purpose and importance of the role of Human Resources.

Valuable Resources Co. can offer the most valuable resources you will need to handle an HR situation with an HR solution.