Successfully Navigating the People Element

Mergers & Acquisitions

To have a successful merger or acquisition, you need an experienced HR executive at the table – one with excellent communication skills,  a strategic mindset, and knowledge about employment laws.

Those are just some skills necessary to identify and mitigate risks that put your M&A at risk. Let VRC’s team of experienced, highly qualified human resource executives oversee the people element of your M&A. You’ll be glad you did.    

How We Help You

With more than two decades of experience in human resources, the VRC team has deep executive-level expertise in: 

HR Management & Consulting

Advising you on the 'how to' so you can successfully navigate complex situations or doing the 'how to' for you - freeing up your time and eliminating your stress.

Due Diligence

Proactively reviewing the human capital, culture, procedures, and policies to mitigate risks prior to a merger or acquisition.

Post-Sale Integration

Making the deal work by creating a thriving, unified culture - one that aligns with the new organization's goals. At it's foundation is trust, because you can't thrive without it.

Meet Laurie Huspen

Laurie Huspen

Founder | Strategic Partner | M&A Executive

As an experienced Chief People Officer and mergers and acquisitions human resources executive, I work behind the scenes to help clients achieve their strategic people objectives.

With a strong focus on the people element, I offer a unique blend of expertise in guiding successful M&A transactions and optimizing organizational performance through effective people management.

Through my expertise in understanding and navigating intricate cultural dynamics, I am dedicated to empowering organizations to thrive in new and challenging environments pre and post-sale. With a proven track record in effectively assessing and addressing complex cultural factors, I provide invaluable insights and strategies that enable businesses to unlock their true potential and achieve remarkable success. Together, we can embrace the opportunities that come with cultural diversity and drive positive transformation for your organization.


"VRC's value is immeasurable."

I asked Laurie if VRC could help me navigate a difficult HR situation. HR is not my area of expertise - in fact, it's well beyond my scope of knowledge. I needed a team I could trust - one with expertise to guide me through a challenging situation. VRC quickly took charge. Their depth of knowledge and professionalism immediately put me at ease.
Amy T. Williams, MSIMC
President & CEO, Brand Health Media

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